2021 International Conference on Social Development and Media Communication (SDMC 2021)
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2021 International Conference on Social Development and Media Communication(SDMC 2021)

came to a successful conclusion

2021 International Conference on Social Development and Media Communication(SDMC 2021) was held  in Sanya on November 27, 2021. (Due to the epidemic, the meeting was moved to online.)Thanks to the support of experts and scholars!


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Keynote Speakers 1 : Prof. Yushi Jiang 

Speech Title: How to overcome online banner blindness? A study on the effects of creativity


Keynote Speakers 2 : Prof. Zelin Tong

Speech Title: Effect of CSR contribution timing during COVID-19 pandemic on consumers’ prepayment purchase intentions: Evidence from hospitality industry in China


Keynote Speakers 3 : A. Prof. Marco Pellitteri

Speech Title: eaching media through media in China in the period of Covid-19: Using on-line and ‘hybrid’ methods to explain media practise


Keynote Speakers 4 : A. Prof. Jordan Yan 

Speech Title: Apply bird beak research on Bionic design


Oral Speakers1 :Peige Wang

Speech Tittle:The Principles and Influence of Negative Stereotypes Analysis with Examples


Oral Speakers 2 :Zilu Qv

Speech Tittle:The Development and Current Situation of mRNA Vaccines


Oral Speakers 3 :Ziyang Wang

Speech Tittle:Do EFL learners write with greater lexical complexity: the effect of more sophisticated vocabulary prompt in the continuation task


Oral Speakers 4 :Jing Xia

Speech Tittle:The "Two Pillars" and "Trilogy" of performing Arts -- A View on the integration of drama and Drama from Ouyang Yuqian's teaching practice


Oral Speakers 5 :Peng Sun

Speech Tittle:On the significance of Classical deconstruction and Reconstruction -- Take "The Last Supper" as an example


Oral Speakers 6 :Jiaqi Liu

Speech Tittle:The Influence of Modern Civilization on Asian Languages from the Perspective of Linguistics


Oral Speakers 7 :Jiaojiao Wang

Speech Tittle:The evolvement of the meaning of "cloud" and its cause analysis

Discipline construction experience exchange, strong academic atmosphere